• Cumulative culture
  • Social learning
  • Cultural evolution
  • Gene-culture co-evolution
  • Material culture, including Tool use and Associative tool use
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Overimitation
  • Executive Functions
  • Comparative cognition
  • Social-conventional culture


  • Cumulative culture in children

    • Are groups of children able to produce cumulative culture (the "ratchet effect")?

  • Associative tool use (use of two or more tools)

    • Are young children able to use two tools in combination to solve problems without receiving help? Do different ways of combining tools differ in difficulty?

  • Children's social vs individual learning (with Alison Gwilliams, Lewis Dean, Rachel Kendal & Claudio Tennie)

  • A cross-cultural perspective on children's spontaneous tool use abilities (with Karri Neldner, Claudio Tennie, & Mark Nielsen)


Past Research projects

  • Children’s spontaneous tool use - how do children come up with novel tool behaviours on their own? What kind of tool behaviours can young children invent on their own?
  • Young children's understanding of false beliefs about object identity in a helping study (Master project)